Via Vai rocks at Sushi World Cup 2019

World Sushi Cup:
chef Pablo represents Italy in Tokyo
July 12, 2019

Chef Pablo and his dishes conquer Japan
ranking among the top 10 in the world

We had to face a possible challenge and we didn't back down. When you are confident of the professionality and competence of your employees, it would be a shame not to give the rest of the world the opportunity to realize their value. It was in this spirit that we decided to enter our Pablo in the Sushi World Cup 2019, aware that a professional jury would evaluate every aspect of his work. 

We expected great results but they were even better than expected:

Pablo Francisco de Jesus is one of the 10 best sushi chefs in the world and third in the preparation of Edo-Mae sushi.

Brazilian sushi signed Chef Pablo

This is an extremely pleasant confirmation of the fact that, here at ViaVai, we give great importance to the quality of the ingredients but also to their preparation, technique, hygiene in the treatment of fish and presentation. These are all characteristics that we transmit in our dishes and we are very happy to share with you. The assessment of excellence that even the Sushi World Institute has certified to our chef is yet another proof!

And we couldn't choose the best pro to represent us and manage our kitchen: Pablo faced a very challenging three days. He showed his ability in handling and filleting fish for the preparation of Edo-Mae, obtaining a well-deserved third place in the world that fills us with pride. He then worked on the preparation of the traditional hosomaki (rolled sushi) and the preparation and presentation of nigiri sushi, achieving excellent results and certifying its preparation.

Once these first tests were completed, only the top 20 had access to the creative test. And Pablo stood out also in this competition, enriching the traditional preparations with carefully selected local ingredients and positioning himself among the top 10 sushi chefs in the world. Creative and fast, in a test of only 40 minutes that requires concentration, cold blood and unquestionable competence, he amazed the jury with the dishes we already knew and that characterizes everything that our customers find at the table every day.

As ViaVai we can only congratulate our Chef and renew the usual invitation to enjoy our amazing dishes and celebrate with us this great achievement.

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